Command stands for Black Powder.

Just got some more commission painted models back, these are some 1/72nd, 20mm Napoleonic’s by Newline Design and were painted by Cornish Mikey painting service.

Allied Commanders (Picton, Wellington & Uxbridge).

Digital StillCamera

More Allied Commanders (The Duke of Brunswick & Blucher) plus Marshall Ney.

Digital StillCamera

Allied Brigade Commanders.

Digital StillCamera

Still have Napoleon himself plus some more Brigade Officers to base up but these will have to wait as I need to purchase some more basing materials.

Really happy with the paint jobs on these models as well as the service and price paid, already sorted out the next lot of stuff I want to get sorted :).

Cheers, Steve.

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3 Responses to Command stands for Black Powder.

  1. lurkusspleen says:

    Yeah i’m well happy, next up my WW1 Early War Germans :).


  2. Matt says:

    By George! but they’re jolly good paint jobs. Just been undercoating some of the regulars ready to paint for you but they won’t look as good as these!

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