The Big Push part 2.

This Sunday at club saw me helping Rob with another play testing section of his new Great War rule set The Big Push. This time we were using a non trench line battlefield and late War forces, with me using my British and Rob using his Germans.

British on the left, Germans on the Right.

Digital StillCamera

British deployment.

Digital StillCamera

German deployment.

Digital StillCamera

We secretly rolled for our objectives and both ended up with the same, to take and hold the centre of the table.

My Battalion advance on there objective.

Digital StillCamera

My Cavalry reserves arrive on turn two and advance up the road.

Digital StillCamera

Divisional command receive reports from the front.

Digital StillCamera

At this point the battery on my camera ran out of juice so no more pictures i’m afraid but we managed to get 3 full turns in before calling it an evening as Rob had a early start in the morning. As for objective’s, when we called it I had control of the centre and had push Rob’s force back and was awaiting his counter attack which I was sure was coming :). Was another fun game and hopefully helped Rob with the new rules set, really looking forward to some more game over the next few months.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to The Big Push part 2.

  1. Matt says:

    Good to hear that it’s moving along!

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