Return to the Orient.

Another game of WAC this week at club with me and Rob trying out his work in progress new Samurai army list. We had decided to go for a 2,500pt aside game and Rob had brought along one of his nice Japanese styled buildings .

The Battlefield

Digital StillCamera

My army deployed for battle.

Digital StillCamera

My General and his Standard Bearers.

Digital StillCamera

Part of Robs force.

Digital StillCamera

The game starts and thing go well for me in the first few turns with one of my cavalry units sweeping around one flank while my mounted bodyguard and missile troops causing a lot of damage to Rob’s cavalry unit and his advancing Samurai retainers.

My bodyguard open up on Rob’s cavalry.

Digital StillCamera

The larger picture after the first turn.

Digital StillCamera

My other cavalry unit sweeps around the flank running down one unit of Rob’s skirmishers and end up behind Rob’s generals unit.

Digital StillCamera

Rob’s cavalry unit has enough of being shot at and break taking the supporting unit of Ashigaru unit with them, luckily for Rob they both rally in the end phase.

Digital StillCamera

Rob’s retainers advance on one of my units of retainers but take heavy casualties on there way in.

Digital StillCamera

Who won the roll off for the next turn was key as Rob’s generals unit had about faced ready to charge my cavalry in the flank but if I won my unit could sweep through Rob’s sharpshooters and be into his deployment zone. We both put in an extra dice, the bones were roll and Rob’s general got the charge in…..dam.

Digital StillCamera

As you would think this didn’t go well for the cavalry and they were beaten and chased off the battlefield with me failing my last chance to stand roll to add salt to the wound :(.

Rob’s unit of retainers managed to also get the charge in the centre.

Digital StillCamera

But after a couple of turns of fighting there were wiped out.

Things had really turn around in the game now with Rob’s gun line starting to do a lot of damage to my force including wiping out my mounted bodyguard unit….ouch.

After starting out on the attack I was now playing a defensive game trying to keep Rob out of my deployment zone and away from my rally point.

Robs generals unit and cavalry advance towards my battle line while his missile troops pound me.

Digital StillCamera

View from my battle line as Robs bodyguard and general move in.

Digital StillCamera

It all came down to the final turn of the game with Rob going first, my general had joined the unit of retainers facing off against Robs bodyguard and general.

Digital StillCamera

Rob charged in but to are surprise I won the combat by 1, Rob easily passed his morale test, my turn and the tide turn again with Rob winning the combat by 3 leaving me needing a 6 on two dice to hold and draw the game, the dice were cast and came up a 5 and a 1…….hurrah .

Was another cracking game and I really like the look of the new list, hopefully they should be up on the Scarab website within a week or so.

Cheers for now, Steve.


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