New Terrain.(more pictures added).

This week I picked up some new 28mm terrain in the shape of the Renedra American Church plastic kit.

Digital StillCamera

I’ve been tempted to buy this for awhile so when I saw someone on e-bay selling it off on the cheap I had to grab it :).

Here’s a picture of the sprues you get in the kit.

Digital StillCamera

As you can see you get 3 sprues containing the Church and 2 sprues with picket fences.

I’ve managed to put the Church together so far.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Just got to get some paint on it now, once it done i’ll post up some more pictures.

Here you go 🙂

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

My thoughts on the kit, I think its great value for money and goes together quite easy.

Cheers for now, Steve.

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  1. Hi Mate

    Just to let you know something has changed on the big uns website so I cannot access the forum. Can you let dreads know please?



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