Reveille 2, The Battle of Domyoji.

This Sunday saw the Reveille 2 show held in Downend Bristol by the Lincombe Barn Wargaming club. This is a local show to me, about 10 minutes drive from my house, I used to be a member of the club many years ago and its nice to go back and see some of the old faces ;).

Anyway this year I was help Rob (Scarab Miniatures) running a WAC game, Rob had decided to do The Battle of the Tomb a scenario he’d wrote for the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine (issue 67). The game is based around the Battle of Domyoji with my army taking the part of the Eastern army and Rob’s taking charge of the Western force, hopefully Rob will put more details up on the Scarab website.

Rob’s deployment.

Digital StillCamera

My deployment, notice the unit of Samurai in the wood (top left), these are part of Rob’s force there to slow down my armies advance.

Digital StillCamera

The whole battlefield from my deployment zone.

Digital StillCamera

Robs defences at Domyoji village.

Digital StillCamera

The first combat of the game with holding force clashing with my foot Samurai, this was a bloody combat with the end result in both units being wiped out.

Digital StillCamera

My Ashigaru advance on Domyoji as Rob’s cavalry move to support the defenders.

Digital StillCamera

My Ashigaru missile troops move up to hold the river crossing.

Digital StillCamera

One of my Ashigaru units managed to get into the village but are chased off by the defenders.

Digital StillCamera

That all the pictures I took i’m afraid but the game was up at this point with Rob’s troops pushing mine out of the village and him also killing my general to take the win.

Another great game and a very enjoyable show, just like to say a big thanks to Rob for inviting me.

Cheers, Steve.

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