Chain of Command game two.

Over the last couple of weeks me and Dave have been playing a game of CoC in the man cave, its one of the great things about having a gaming space where I can leave things set up and not worry about them being disturbed. Here’s a few pictures of were we are at in the game.

The table from the British side of the table.

Digital StillCamera

And from the German side.

Digital StillCamera

British advance up the road.

Digital StillCamera

German HQ (British smoke in the top right of the picture).

Digital StillCamera

German hold one of there jump off points and move to protect another (top of the picture).

Digital StillCamera

More British troops move around the back of the farm house in sight of the German jump off markers.

Digital StillCamera

Well that’s where we stand at the moment, the Germans have lost 1 rifle team including a junior NCO and the British have lost 1 Bren gun team so still all to play for, hopefully get some more gaming time in this week so watch this space ;).

Cheers, Steve.

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