Last game of the year.

Had my last game of the year last night at club, a game of WAC against Rob. We were using are Samurai armies at 2,000pts, set up was Winter with hidden deployment (Rob drew a map, then I set up my army).

Deployment, my army to the right.

Digital StillCamera

View from my side of the table.

Digital StillCamera

As objective I’d drawn Breakthrough so I needed to get 25% of my units off the table 6 inches from Rob’s Rally Point. With this in mind I’d set up a strong centre, where I was going to use my two large Ashigaru units to hold up Rob’s Samurai while my Samurai and skirmishers headed for the exit.

Digital StillCamera

The first real combat of the game with one of my Ashigaru blocks taking on a unit of Samurai, this combat went on for a couple of turns with the surprising out come of the Ashigaru winning :0.

As you can see in the picture below my other Ashigaru block got stuck into some missile Ashigaru (top right) while my cavalry brock into skirmish and move around the flank avoiding Robs Ashigaru block(bottom right). Rob’s cavalry having punched through my lines destroying my canon and a unit of skirmishers came under fire from a unit of my missile troop’s which after a couple of turns took them down.

Digital StillCamera

Things fell just right for me now with my winning block of Ashigaru catching Rob’s Samurai Bodyguard in the flank, holding them in place while………..

Digital StillCamera

first my cavalry then my other unit of Samurai and sharpshooter Ashigaru exit the table to take the win.

Digital StillCamera

So another cracking game, thanks Rob and a fine finish to the year.

Cheers, Steve.

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