100th Post, Getting ready for Waterloo.

First off a big thanks to everyone who’s looked at and commented on this blog, I’ve enjoyed the trip so far and hopefully will keep it going for another 100 posts :).

Its been awhile I know since my last post but most of my free time has been taken up getting ready for the up and coming Black Powder game I’ve arranged (with a lot of help from Simon, cheers mate) for my Birthday :).

With this in mind me and Simon thought we’d better have a play through the rules again as we haven’t played for awhile.

Simon wanted to give the French ago this time and seeing we hadn’t tried the Prussians yet i decided to use them

Deployment, French to the left, Prussians to the right.

Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

Prussian Cavalry

Digital StillCamera

Prussian Infantry, I was trying out large units so my 5 Landswer battalions had 10 bases instead of the usual 6.

Digital StillCamera

Simon won the dice roll to go first but then failed all his command tests to move any of his troops. My turn was much better with me moving 2 Regiments of my cavalry over to my left flank to support my Infantry attack which went straight up the middle, I rolled really low here and managed to get 3 moves in that’s 36 inches with my main thrust :).

Digital StillCamera

Simon countered by charging in 3 of his battalions on initiative but failed to command another battalion in to complete the counter attack.

Digital StillCamera

Things did not go well for the French, with them losing a couple of battalions breaking, while others being pushed back in disorder.

Digital StillCamera

Things were looking really good for the Prussians, we calculated that if they could break one more French battalion the French Infantry Brigade would be broken and the day would be there’s. With that the charge went in and support brought up to finish the French off. But disaster, with the damage they’d already taken and some poor rolling on my front two of my battalion were sent packing and another pushed back in disorder :(.

Digital StillCamera

With this the two Infantry Brigades now held back taking pot shots at each other while there commanders regrouped there forces.

It was now over to the Cavalry Brigades on both sides to sort out the winner of the day, sorry no more pictures as my camera ran out of battery at this point 😦 .  I managed to get the charge in but Simon managed to counter charge with 3 out of his 4 units. It was a close thought thing but once the dust settled we had both lost 1 unit and had another shaken which meant the French Cavalry Brigade (4 Regiments) had broken while the Prussian one (5 Regiments) hadn’t. With this Simon offered his hand and the game was mine……huzzar ;).

A cracking game to get us ready for the big day to come, really looking forward to next weekend now :).

Cheers Steve.

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One Response to 100th Post, Getting ready for Waterloo.

  1. Fair play on the 100 posts mate. I’ve tried blogging but didn’t last long. Can you quosh the rumours that the Waterloo game is for your 50th birthday? I’ve told everyone you’re actually 60!

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