Waterloo Birthday Bash.

This Saturday saw myself and a group of friends get together to re-fight the battle of Waterloo. We were using the Black Powder Rules from Warlord games and 1/72nd (20mm) mainly plastic models numbering about 3,000 figures per side.

Here’s some pictures of the game.

The French 2nd Corps and Cavalry reserve prepare to attack Chateau Hugoumount .

Digital StillCamera

The French Infantry reserves, 6th Corps and The Guard Corps.

Digital StillCamera

The British 2nd Corps plus the Brunswick reserve Corps ready to support the Guard who hold Hugoumount.

Digital StillCamera

Allied Left Flank held by the 3rd Light Cavalry Brigade (KGL).

Digital StillCamera

View of Plancenoit.

Digital StillCamera

The 2nd Union Heavy Cavalry Brigade move forward ready to support the front line.

Digital StillCamera

Troops from the French 1st Corps attack La Haye Saint farm.

Digital StillCamera

The Prussian 4th Corps arrive but face a mass of French Cavalry which are screening the French Infantry in Plancenoit.

Digital StillCamera

The Prussians push forward but are held by the French Cavalry.

Digital StillCamera

We had a cracking days gaming, with the French holding all three key areas (Plancenoit, Hugoumount and La Haye Saint) at the end of the game to take the win. It was closer than it sounds with both Hugoumount and La Haye Saint holding out until the final turn of play and the Dutch/Belgium reserves still to be committed.

Cheers, Steve.

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4 Responses to Waterloo Birthday Bash.

  1. Reblogged this on dcminiaturespainting and commented:
    Hi mate, was a great day thanks again. ; )

  2. 40kterminatus says:

    Wow , look at the size of that table !! How long did it take to set all that up ?

  3. lurkusspleen says:

    Hi there,
    it took about 4 hours to set up Friday evening as we had to sort out each of the units and where they should be, putting away only took about 3/4 of an hour, many hands make sort work as they say plus the joy of plastic figures :).


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