Going well on the EIR front.

Time for a update on my EIR project.Well with 2 weeks to go before the event thing are going really well. I’ve managed to finish basing and inking all the Romans in the army, just waiting to finish off there movement trays (waiting on some more brown spray ).

Here’s some pictures

Digital StillCamera

Recruit units, I’m going for four units of 16 of these.

Digital StillCamera

Legionaries , 2 units of 16 of these.

Digital StillCamera

Auxiliaries, 1 unit of 15.

Digital StillCamera

Command, Legate (plus 2 SIP’s) and Auquilifer .

Digital StillCamera

Well that’s the Roman’s sorted, now for the Celtic allies…….watch this space ;o).

Cheers, Steve.

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One Response to Going well on the EIR front.

  1. Matt says:

    Ave Lurkus!
    Good to see that you’ve embraced the “Pax Romana” ;o)
    Biggus Mattus

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