WAC Day 22/02/14.

So today saw Scarab Miniatures latest gaming day/weekend being held at are club venue at Iron Acton. I took my newly finished EIR army, here’ s my list

Legate & Aquilifer

4 x 16 Recruit Legionaries

2 x 16 Legionaries

1 x 15 Light Auxiliary  Infantry

1 x 12 Celtic Light Cavalry

1 x 13 Celtic Skirmishers with slings

We got to play 3 games over the day, my first one was against Dave and his Spanish with Carthage allies.

set up.

Digital StillCamera

Battle lines clash.

Digital StillCamera

Dave managed to pull out the win in this game by completing his battle objective when he moved his cavalry in to my deployment zone as I moved my Celt cavalry out of his in the final turn of the game……doh really need to keep my eye on those battle objectives and not get carried away with the killing ;o).

Game 2 saw me up against Jen and her Celt’s.

Just before the battle lines meet.

Digital StillCamera

Celtic Chariots

Digital StillCamera

This was a blood bath of a game by turn 6 Jen had lost all of her force while I had lost all but 1 of my Legionary unit but still had a few of my support units in play.

Game three saw more barbarians, this time Phil’s Ancient Germans.

set up.

Digital StillCamera

Legionaries clash with the Warbands.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Another close fought game which ended as a draw, which I nearly threw away again as Phil had the same objective as Dave had drawn in the first game, lucky this time one of my Recruit units had managed to pause a enemy unit into Phil’s deployment zone in the last turn of the game (by an inch )….:o).

Anyway had a great day, 3 great games against fun opponents, what more could you ask for :o), a big thanks to Rob and Barbara for putting on such a good event.

Cheers, Steve.


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