More Chain of Command Fun.

Tonight at club me and Dave had another game of Chain of Command, we’ve been playing now nearly every other week since Christmas and are working through the scenarios in the book with winner of each game becoming the attacker in the following game, I’ve been playing the British and Dave the Germans. Up until our last game things had been going well for the Brit’s but then the Germans managed to halt there advance and the counter attack was on. So for tonight’s game I was the defender for the first time, here’s a few picture of the game.

set up, we’ve just started the patrol phase with Dave moving his first marker at the top of the picture.

Digital StillCamera

View from the barn as one of my Bren teams watch the German Half Tracks advance down the road.

Digital StillCamera

Things start to bog down for the Germans with Dave rolling poorly for a couple of phases of play and me getting a luck shot into one of his half tracks with my PIAT team ;o).

Digital StillCamera

The final action of the game as Dave tries to get his remaining halftrack around my force, first I hit it with a couple of grenades to knock it out, follow up with a PIAT shot which causes it to explode killing 6 of the passengers as well as a couple of tommies who were a bit to closes (oops) and finally seeing them off with a bit of cold steel as they bailed out…..take that Fritz ;o).

Digital StillCamera

A win for the British and another cracking game, looking forward to are next one in a couple of weeks, with the plucky Tommies back on the offensive…….now what shall I spend those 7 support points on……hmmm?


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