More EIR Reinforcements.

After completing what I needed for the WAC day last week this week I’ve concentrated on trying to finish what models I’ve got still to do for this force. A lot of the models were already painted so just some basing and inking to do but I did have one unit to paint. Here’s some pictures of what I’ve got done.

Auxiliary  Cavalry unit.

Digital StillCamera

Auxiliary Archers unit

Digital StillCamera

Scorpio’s and odd’s and sod’s .

Digital StillCamera

Balearic Slingers , this is the unit I painted.

Digital StillCamera

With this lot finished I’m left with about 8 Legionaries and some movement tray’s to finish off the stuff I have at the moment, I do also have another unit of Auxiliary infantry, Auxiliary cavalry plus some odds and sods Legionaries but these are off to the painters to be done so won’t be ready for awhile.

Cheers, Steve.

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One Response to More EIR Reinforcements.

  1. Matt says:

    Looking good!

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