Last of the EIR plus some WW2.

Cracked on and finished all the EIR movement trays and the last of the Legionaries this week, now just waiting for the stuff to go off to the painting service to get the army done.

Digital StillCamera

I’m going to use these as my Veterans so I’ve put different transfers on them from my normal Legionaries to set them apart.

With the Romans sorted I decided to start on some of my WW2 stuff I’ve had hanging around as I’ve been playing a lot of Chain of Command lately and loving it ;0). Most of my forces I’ve bought ready painted but I need to add a few bits and pieces to sort out the basic platoons and add some more support elements. I’ve started with the British where I needed both a  2″ mortar and PIAT team done.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

The models are from Crusader miniatures late war range and are lovely scalps hardly any flash or mould lines. I also bought a couple of the Warlord games British infantry sprues when they had there sale on just before Christmas, I’m using these to add a few extra’s to my force. Only managed to finish one of these so far, a medic

Digital StillCamera

Had to do a bit of green stuffing to make his arm band, come out alright I think.

Anyway that’s it for now, got another game of Chain of Command at club tomorrow against Dave, so will be giving a few of these models a run out.

Cheers, Steve.

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