A bit of a shame.

Last night at club me and Dave had are latest game in are series of Chain of Command games as we work through the scenarios in the main rules book, we were onto scenario five. As usual I was play the British and Dave the Germans, as I won the last game I was the attacker while Dave was defending.

set up.

Digital StillCamera

British on the attack.

Digital StillCamera

Storming the ruins to grab one of the German jump off points, the smoke plumes are from my 2″ mortar.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

My armoured car carries on putting down heavy fire on the German lines, while one of my rifle team move over to help at the ruins.

Digital StillCamera

The ruins are mine and I set up a fire base to carry on the onslaught on the Jerries.

Digital StillCamera

The turn and game ends with the Germans in full retreat.

Digital StillCamera

Now I’ve got to say this was the most one sided game of CoC we’ve played so far, which was mainly caused by Dave atrocious dice rolling he had one of those games that we all have now and again when you just can’t roll even average dice, a bit of a shame really but we did get to try out some more new stuff ;o). The next game is already booked for a few weeks time, this will be scenario 6 the last one in the rules book and I’ll be attacking again so better start planning now ;o).

Cheers, Steve.




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