Pax Romana WAC Campaign, part 1.


This week at club saw my first game (Spring 67AD) in the Pax Romana WAC campaign run by one of the club members. I would be playing one of the Roman Governors and had been draw to play on the East front against Alan and his Parthian forces. Below is a link to the campaign rules pack.

Here’s my 2,500pts army list.

Legate, Aquilifer & Warband Chieftain.

2 x 16 Legionaries with heavy armour.

4 x 16 Recuit Legionaries with drilled.

15 x Auxiliary Light Infantry with light armour.

11 x Auxiliary Archers with light armour.

12 x Auxiliary Cavalry with drilled.

2 x Auxiliary Scorpio.

12 x Celtic Light Cavalry.

13 x Celtic Skirmishers with slings.

For this first game I decided to use everything except for my Chieftain & Celtic Cavalry. With the amount of cavalry I was expecting Alan to field I wanted to make sure I had some troop’s to protect my rally point hence why I decided to field more than the standard 2,000pts, Alan had been give 2,000pts to send on his force.

My roll’s on the event table had come up 8,9,2 & 4 this meant I could risk spending an extra 100 gold talents on troops for this game but I knew after the game I would loss a 100gts so if I didn’t win the game I could end up on a minus total, at this point I thought it was too big a risk so would be sticking with what I’ve got.

Game set up.

Digital StillCamera  

Parthian’s force.

Digital StillCamera

Roman forces, notice the Auxiliary Light Infantry deployed by my rally point (top left ).

Digital StillCamera

I had drawn Pitch Battle as my objective (destroy 75% of the enemy), with the flexibility of the Parthians I decided my best ploy was to go on the attack and get to grip with the enemy as soon as possible. The advance started well but then the Parthian shooting really started to kick in with me losing my archers in one turn of shooting plus one of my recruit unit failing a morale test and fleeing back towards my rally point. At this point the battle lines clashed with the Parthian Catapharacts engaging my Legions.

First combats.

Digital StillCamera   

This was starting to turn into one of those classic ancient battles with one flank doing well while the other started to crumble ;o).

Digital StillCamera

It was starting to look like the Parthians would break through my lines and get to my rally point…….

Digital StillCamera

but at this point Alan made a critical mistake, he got just a little to close to my Auxiliary Light Infantry with his Horse Archers and when they failed to see them off with their shooting I got the charge off. I caught and killed one unit and caused the other unit to flee as well as the unit of Spearmen who I’d caught in the flank. Both these units rallied later on but the game by this time was drawling to a close.

How it looked at the end of the game.

Digital StillCamera 

A cracking game which went right to the wire and ended as a draw which earned me 25gts but also a large casualty list . After the game I rolled up my next lot of event dice for next month (Summer 67AD), they came up 6,9,8 & 7 so some more skirmishers to add to my force but I’ll have to wait until after the next game before I can use the extra gold. The game’s book for the end of next month so watch this space for part 2 ;o).

Cheers, Steve.




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