Chain of Command, Not A Bridge To Far ;o).

Finished off the last scenario in the Chain of Command rules book tonight in the final game in the series of games me and Dave have been playing. I was on the attack again with my British while Dave had command of the Germans, this week we were joined by Seth who fancied giving CoC ago, Dave took him under his wing ;o).

Table set up with patrol phase completed.

Digital StillCamera

My objective was to capture the bridge and break the German force, while Dave and Seth had to see me off.

Digital StillCamera

Now I’ve got to say at this point that we got so into the game that I forgot to take a lot of pictures but I’ll give you a quick run down of what happened. It started well for the Germans with them getting all of there troops on within the first 2 phases of there play and advancing to pin my forces back, my stuff was coming on in dribs and drabs but I was holding my own. Mid game and the tide was turning, the Germans were in place but the command dice were not coming up right for them while I was now on fire :o), I just seemed to be get just what I wanted when I needed it. It was not long before the Jerry’s were on the back foot and with me keeping up the pressure they finally broke leaving the bridge and the game mine…..huzzar  :o).

The final attack going in.

Digital StillCamera

Rifle team advance under cover of smoke while the universal carrier moves up the road.

Digital StillCamera

Another great game of CoC, I’m really enjoying this system. I’ve picked up a copy of the Lardies campaign PDF Chain of Command At the Sharp End and will be looking at giving this ago over the next couple of months plus I’ve also got some Russians that I need to give a run out, so we might be off to the eastern front next time, watch this space ;o).

Cheers, Steve.


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3 Responses to Chain of Command, Not A Bridge To Far ;o).

  1. Matt says:

    Ooh! I am so intrigued by this game!

    If I can ever get my life in order (and my 4rse in gear) I’d love to have a game some time.



    • lurkusspleen says:

      We will have to get together sometime for a game mate, I’ve got everything needed to play, its a cracking game, pm when your next free and i’ll check my dairy ;o)

      Cheers, Steve.

  2. Matt says:

    OK, will do! :o)

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