Black Powder Returns, The Eastern Front.

I’ve been playing a bit more Napoleonic wars Black Powder lately against Steve and his Russians, this is a force he’s been putting together over the last few months and we’ve had a few games getting larger and larger as his force has grown, this was the last of these games. I have been using my French forces and decided to use my Guard for this last game, with this in mind we decided instead of a standard game that Steve would defend a village with his forces with my objective being to push him out, there were 3 built up areas placed on the Russian side of the table as objectives who ever held the most at the end of the game would be the winner.

Set up, Russians at the top, the French at the bottom.

Digital StillCamera

The Russian held buildings.

Digital StillCamera

The Middle Guard Brigade advance up the centre.

Digital StillCamera

The Old Guard attack the right flank.

Digital StillCamera

The Young and Middle Guard are involved in heavy fighting in the centre and left flank.

Digital StillCamera

The Old Guard attack starts to push back the Russians right flank.

Digital StillCamera

That’s it for pictures I’m afraid but a quick note on how the game finished. The French managed to break the Russian Cavalry Brigade and one of there Infantry Brigades but lost the Young Guard Brigade. The Old Guards attack was held…. just by the Russian Guard Brigade and at the end of the game the Russians were still holding the buildings to take the win for the Tzar .

Its been great fun getting the Napoleonic’s out again and has encouraged me to finish off a few more battalions for my ever growing forces :o).

Cheers, Steve.


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