The Battle of St Walburgha’s Day.

Was luck enough to be invited to Wargaming chum Matt’s house today to take part in a large Dark Ages WAC game. It would be a 5,000pts aside game pitting Saxon’s commanded by Phil and Rob against Vikings commanded by Myself and Jen.

Set up. Saxon at top of picture, Vikings at the bottom. Digital StillCamera The other end of the table, Vikings to the left, Saxons to the right. Digital StillCamera The Vikings on the left flank sweep into the Saxons mercenary allies, wiping them out. Digital StillCamera Vikings advance in the centre, facing off against the Saxon Huscarls. Digital StillCamera The Vikings swarm into the Village smashing into the Saxon defenders who try and push them back but are butchered. Digital StillCamera The final combat of the game as the Saxon King and his body guard are slaughtered by the Viking King, his Hirdmen and Veteran Bondi. This was a really bloody combat with the Vikings losing there Battle Standard, a Hersir and there King down to just 1 life left when the dust settled. Digital StillCamera The game ended a Victory for the Vikings. What a cracking days gaming, a big thanks to Matt for inviting me, to Jen for being such a great gaming partner, Phil and Rob for being such fun opponents and to Matt and Jens two daughters for helping with such a lovely lunch :o).

Below is the scenario details that Matt put together for the days gaming.

May Bank Holiday Dark Ages Big Bash

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to The Battle of St Walburgha’s Day.

  1. Matt says:

    Delighted to read your report and jolly glad you had a good time! :o)
    Looking forward to more events.

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