Chain of Command, first crack at the Germans.

Last night at club I had my first go with the Germans, I was playing Mike with his US Para’s. This was Mike’s first game so we had decided to keep it nice and simple and just play the first scenario in the book. We rolled up morale the US would start at 10 while the Germans had 9, we then rolled for support and got a 3, Mike took a Sniper team while I took a Adjutant and a SdKfz 250 with 4 man Reconnaissance Team.

Here’s the table after the Patrol Phase, the German jump off points were to the left, 1 by the bridge and the other 2 in the two woods by the hills. The US had one by the fields by the river the other 2 were around the central buildings.

Digital StillCamera

The US got the first phase of play and Mike managed to get almost all of his force on with the first set of rolls of the game…….gulp this didn’t look good for the Germans :o(.

My phase saw me get a couple of squads on to the table plus my SdKfz which opened up on the Para’s in the village but did no damage.

Digital StillCamera

The next couple of phases of play saw Mikes Bazooka team taking pot shots at my Sdkfz, I tried to get it out of line of site by crashing it through a fence but I got greedy and carried on firing so only had 1 dice of movement equalling 2 inchs……..uh oh.

Digital StillCamera

With the inevitable result……BOOM….lucky only a knocked out result not an explosion so 3 of the Recon team got out alive.

Digital StillCamera

The game continue with the Para’s keeping the upper hand, Mike was playing a blinder really keeping the pressure on. The German’s were taking heavy casualties with first the squad by the bridge running off….

Digital StillCamera

…followed quickly by the rest of the recon team. Things were starting to get really desperate for the German’s now but they still had there last squad to deploy, these appeared around the back of the church and opened up on the Para’s who were just crossing the bridge.

Digital StillCamera

They did manage to do some minor damage taking out the Para’s junior NCO….hurrah but the Platoon Sergeant got the squad moving back over the bridge to sort those pesky Jerry’s out. By this time things were really bad for the Germans with there morale now down to just 2 and having just the senior officer, 1 squad of infantry and the Panzerschreck team left while the Para’s had 8 morale and hadn’t lost a unit yet. With this in mind I decided to go all in calling Handgranaten and charging the Para unit coming down the road……

Digital StillCamera

… the rest of the game had gone this did not end well for the Germans…..

Digital StillCamera

….with them fleeing back down the road followed by a hail of bullets and cat calls…..

With this my morale had dropped below 0 and with Mike’s Para’s still on 8 morale the game was his….nice one mate ;o).

Another cracking game of CoC, looking forward to my next game in a few weeks against Dave and his US Para’s.

Cheers, Steve.

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3 Responses to Chain of Command, first crack at the Germans.

  1. Matt says:

    A good looking game sir! Plus it sounds like splendid fun. I know Prize Winning Phil is impressed too. Look forward to playing.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Yeap it is a cracking set of rules, looking forward to showing you the ropes on the 15th :o).

    Cheers, Steve.

  3. wooo looks good like the pictures very cinematic ; )

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