Chain of Command, A Delaying Action.

Had my latest game of Chain of Command last night against Dave, he was using his US Para’s while I was going to try out the Panzer Grenadier force. We rolled up the Delaying Action scenario with me being the attacker and Dave the defender, I had a force morale of 10 while Dave’s was 9. For support I rolled up a 9 and took a Senior Leader (2) and a StuG III G with junior leader (7) while Dave got 4 and took a Medical Orderly (1) and a Sniper Team (3).

Set up. My end of the table was at the bottom of the picture, Dave’s the top. My objective was to capture one of Dave’s jump off points that was deploy in the back woods to the right of the picture any other result was would be a win for Dave.

Digital StillCamera

You can see two of my jump off points in the picture below, one by the building to the left, the other by the Windmill. I deployed 2 squads here one in each building while my StuG has just entered the table.

Digital StillCamera

I managed to push Dave’s first line of defence back from the building at the top of the picture but it was slow progress, my StuG had managed to get up to support my infantry lucky being missed by multiple shots from Dave’s Bazooka team.

Digital StillCamera

It was time to start push forward to try and take that jump off point, I pushed the StuG forward backed up by my infantry.

Digital StillCamera

At this point Dave decided to take another pot shot at my StuG but before he had chance I used a Chain of Command dice to get one of my MG 42 teams to gun down his Bazooka team.

Digital StillCamera

Time was getting on so I tried to push on with the StuG now the Bazooka was gone but it was just no good time was up and I had fallen short of my objective below in the picture you can see how close I got, the objective I needed to grab is at the bottom right of the picture. I had managed to get the US morale down to 4 while mine was at 9.

Digital StillCamera

So a win for Dave and his Para’s nice one mate ;o).

Cheers, Steve.

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4 Responses to Chain of Command, A Delaying Action.

  1. Matt says:

    Yet again I find myself really wanting to try out these rules!
    Is it the 15th we’re playing? I fogot to write it on the calendar.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Yes mate I’ve got you booked in for the 15th if your still cool with that?
    Cheers, Steve.

  3. Matt says:

    Oh yes! Looking forward to it.

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