Loads of Lead.

Been busy the last week or so sorting out my next large project, what is it…….here a picture

Digital StillCamera

Yes my Dark Ages Welsh army, I’ve had the majority of these for years (a Xmas present from my Mrs), there mainly Gripping Beast models . They were based up for WAB, even played a few games with them but they’ve not seen a paint brush. With the fun I’ve had play Dark Ages WAC  I thought it was about time I sorted them out and got them on the table. So with this in mind I’ve started re-basing , magnetising and adding movement trays, above is my Teulu (Kings Royal Guard) unit (far left), 2 units of Priodaur (Freemen),  Bonnedig (levies) and Teyrn (High King) I still have the rest of my characters, some bowmen and cavalry to sort out. Painting wise I’m planning to paint these up as well as continuing with my WW1 Early War British which I really want to get finished this year, hopefully seeing these are two really different stiled armies colour wise it should keep me interested……….well that the idea anyway ;o)

Seeing I’ve spent a lot of time doing the above painting time has been limited this week with me only finish one model.

Digital StillCamera

I needed a shield Maiden for my Vikings and I picked up the idea of using this model from a chap on the Warhammer forums who had suggested to another poster. The model is the GW LOTR Eowyn sculpt and a cracking model it is, painted up really nicely as well :0).

Anyway that’s it for now.



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4 Responses to Loads of Lead.

  1. Matt says:

    Now there’s lovely for you Boyo!
    Hopefully later today I’ll post up some new/restored livestock which should be of interest to these fellows. ;o)
    I look forward to sending them fleeing (empty handed) back across the border marches.

  2. Matt says:

    BTW – I’ve a few GB Welsh figures somewhere – skirmishers I think – so if I can find ’em you’re most welcome to them.

  3. lurkusspleen says:

    That’s ever so kind of you mate, thanks.
    And don’t worry mate there will be a welcome in the valleys for your Saxon dogs ;o).


  4. Phil says:

    Hello see mind,

    Nice to see another army that will feel the sharpness of the Kentish spears !


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