Chain of Command, Band of Brothers.

Had another game of Chain of Command last night against Mike and his US Para’s, I would be using Panzergrenadier’s. We rolled up the Attack & Defend Scenario with Mike winning the dice off to see who would choose which he would be, he decided to be the defender. Objective to force your enemy to withdraw by reducing there morale to 0 while keeping yours at 3 or above.
We rolled are morale with us both rolling 1’s luckily for Mike his troops were elite so got a +2, so I started with morale 8 with Mike’s being 9. Being the attacker I got to roll for support which came up a 6, with both of us being the same force rating I had 6 points to spend while Mike had 3. I took an extra Senior Leader, a Medical Orderly and a SdKfz 251 half track while Mike took a Sniper team.

Table set up.
Digital StillCamera

The patrol phase saw Mike getting 2 jump off points in a couple of the ruins in the centre plus his third behind them in the woods, my jump off points were ever side of the road on the edge of the table plus my third was behind the hill(top left hand side of the above picture).

With Mike having the highest morale he was the active player in the first phase of play. Things started well for Mike with him getting both of his squads on to the table with his first rolls supported by his Sergeant. I then managed to get a couple of phase’s of play in a row (rolling 2 6’s on your command dice gives you the next phase of play) with this meaning I could bring on all of my forces expected for my Panzerschreck team……nice :o).

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

With Mike now getting ago he took the opportunity to bring on his Bazooka and Mortar teams ready to try and take out my SdKfz 251 and bring some shells down on my supporting troops who were putting coving fire down on his infantry squads. Seeing the Bazooka team had the road covered I got my half track to crash through the hedge row and head off around the side of the building in the centre of the board. Again I had managed to get the next phase of play so as they came around said building they caught a US rifle team in the open moving to try a occupy it, but with some poor dice rolling on my behalf I didn’t cause any casualties just 1 point of shock…..doh.

Digital StillCamera

Mike had the next phase and it was time for some payback, he brought his Lieutenant on who got the team into the building while the Sergeant ordered the Bazooka team to take down the Half Track, Mike need a 9 which he duly got and managed 3 net hits, checking the table on a 1-3 the Half Track would be KO’d on a 4-6 it would explode, a 6 was rolled and my SdkFz went up in smoke killing 8 of the Grenadiers inside and wounding the junior officer…ouch

Digital StillCamera

The tide of the game had really turned now as Mike managed to get the next 2 phase’s of play, he now had good positions in the ruins on his right flank and in the building on his left flank and with the support of his mortar was bring heavy fire down on my positions.

Digital StillCamera

By this stage of the game things were starting to look bad for the Germans as I had lost a number of morale points while taking wounds on my Officers and was starting to loss command dice while Mike had only lost 1 point. There was no way I could push forward now so I tried to pour as much LMG fire into the Para’s as I could to try and force some morale tests.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

But it was just no good, even though I did do a load of damage to Mikes force he managed to reduce my morale to 0 while his was still at 6 when the game finished.

The table at the end of the game.
Digital StillCamera

So another game over and another cracker, had some real cinematic moments in the game especially around my Half Track, you can see it now. Its driving up the road, the driver see’s the Bazooka team, swerves through the hedge row, driving around the building, the gunner spots the Para’s and opens up, as the Para’s dive for cover they throw a grenade which misses. As the dust settle’s the driver spots the Bazooka team taking aim, he try’s to reverse but to late the rocket hit home and explodes. From the burning wreck crawls a trooper supporting his Obergefreiter who is badly wounded…….awesome :O)

Anyway just like to say a big thanks to Mike for the game, always a pleasure mate.

Cheers, Steve.

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4 Responses to Chain of Command, Band of Brothers.

  1. Matt says:

    Oooh, that sounds like such a good game!!
    Watched a couple of the TFL videos on YouTube. Certainly helps make more sense of things. Really looking forward to having a game.
    Still torn between doing North Africa and Normandy.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Oh yes it was great fun indeed :o).
    As for what to go for that’s one of the real problems with WW2 gaming the soooooo much to choose from ;o).

    Cheers, Steve.

  3. Phil Turner says:

    Steve, are your Germans Warlord Games plastic figures ? If they are what are they like to put together ? Phil

    • lurkusspleen says:

      Hi mate,
      sorry I don’t no as I bought them ready made & painted, I have put some Warlord Games plastic British together and they weren’t to bad to do.

      Cheers, Steve.

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