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Well I had a game of Trafalgar the oop Warhammer Historical game a couple of weeks ago, thanks again Mike for setting this up and the use of your French fleet. Anyway I already had a set of the rules … Continue reading

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Chain of Command/ Germans.

Well this week I’ve been sorting out a German Platoon for my mate Dave. I’ve managed to pick up a load ready painted 28mm Germans over the last few months on e-bay and at Gaming shows I’ve attended so had … Continue reading

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Great War, Back to the Ant Hill.

A month or so ago me and Steve had a Great War game with me defending a entrenched hill while Steve attack with his French force, the game ended with a resounding victory for the French. We decided after that … Continue reading

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Chain of Command,Patrol.

This week at club saw another game of Chain of Command with my Panzergrenadiers verses Dave’s US Para’s. We rolled up the Patrol scenario but instead of using the standard support set up we decided we fancied getting some armour … Continue reading

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Last of the EW Germans.

Got the last lot of my Early War Germans back from the painters the other week so spent this week getting them based up. Here’s some pictures. Scibor Dwarf which I’m going to use as my General Staff Officer. A … Continue reading

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