Chain of Command,Patrol.

This week at club saw another game of Chain of Command with my Panzergrenadiers verses Dave’s US Para’s. We rolled up the Patrol scenario but instead of using the standard support set up we decided we fancied getting some armour on the table so Dave took a Sherman Tank while I went for a Puma armoured car both of which are the same on there support lists. Morale was rolled, I ended up with 8 while Dave’s would be 11, we then completed the patrol phase.

The table, Dave jump off points are to the left(behind woods, by the road & behind the church) while mine are to the right (in the woods, by the road & in the windmill).
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With Dave having the highest morale he would have the first phase of play and started well bring on both his infantry squads as well as his senior officer and 60mm mortar, thing didn’t go so well for myself only managing to bring on 1 squad and my Panzerschreck team. The game continues with Dave’s Sherman arriving, things were starting to look ominous already for the German’s but then with some lucky rolling I managed 3 phase’s of play in a row, this saw my senior leader, Puma and another of my infantry squads arrive.

Puma arrive and bomb’s up to the crossroad positioning its self behind the church.
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Look what waiting around the corner.
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I was feeling quite happy with myself at this point, I had strong positions in both the woods and the windmill plus the Puma seemed in a safe place…..oh how wrong I was ;o).
The tide now turned with Dave now get the next 3 phases of play and he made these really count, the Sherman advance down the road getting into a perfected place to take out my Puma…….

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…..while one unit of Infantry moved around my left flank supported by the other squad down the centre, these brought concentrated fire on to my force in the wood forcing them to flee. Things were looking really bad for the Germans now my Morale was dropping and my centre had crumbled, all I could do was deploy my last squad in the woods and try and hold the tide back.

The US flank attack as my fresh unit arrives.
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How the game stood at this point, you can see my fresh troops in the woods as my other unit flees across the road, you can also clearly see the good position the Para’s are in supported by the Sherman.
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Dave was playing a blinder and this continued with him using a Chain of Command dice in my next phase of play to get his flanking force to open up on my troops in the wood.

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My Morale had drop so low now I was losing Command dice now so just could not cope with the punishment the Para’s were handing out, when the end came it was quick and bloody. Dave soften them up with some more shooting then sent the flank force in with a bayonet charge.

The Assault goes in…….
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…..all that is left is the squads junior NCO…..ouch.
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So that was that my Morale was at 0 while all I had managed was to drop the Para’s Morale by 1 to 10, a resounding win for Dave. I don’t think I played very well in this game and made some really poor decisions, I shouldn’t have brought the Puma on when I did as I could have deployed my 3 infantry squad instead which would have put a lot more pressure on Dave’s infantry plus deploying a squad in the windmill put them out of the game so lost me even more firepower but I’ve got to hand it to Dave his plan worker perfectly well done mate.

Cheers, Steve

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4 Responses to Chain of Command,Patrol.

  1. Matt says:

    That looked to be absolutely superb fun! Thanks for posting.
    Got me a handful of WW2 Brits and Germans now, so I can try out some new painting ideas.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    So which ones did you go for in the end……?

    • Matt says:

      Crusader from North Star. Really pleased with the figures. Didn’t fancy the the Warlord plastics. Can then top them up with Warlord metals, Artizan, Foundry, etc, as required.

  3. lurkusspleen says:

    Yes they are very nice aren’t they, my British support weapons teams are Crusader miniatures.

    Cheers, Steve.

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