Great War, Back to the Ant Hill.

A month or so ago me and Steve had a Great War game with me defending a entrenched hill while Steve attack with his French force, the game ended with a resounding victory for the French. We decided after that we would re-fight the game with me now being the attack last night saw us play said game. We were using 1917 lists from The Great War Over the Top supplement me taking 1,800pts while Steve would have 900pts.

Here’s the table set up the Ant Hill is to the left.
Digital StillCamera

The German start there advance.
Digital StillCamera

The French ready themselves for the German attack.
Digital StillCamera

The Germans advance up the centre behind a creeping barrage and supported by the captured British Tank (the red dice shows were the barrage would land).
Digital StillCamera

I had sent my Pioneer’s (with lots of flamethrowers :o) ) up the centre towards the hill behind the barrage while my two lots of Stormtroopers would hopefully deal with the ruined village and then swing around the flank and attack the hill. Now I didn’t take any pictures for a few turn’s as I completely forgot but the advance went quite well for the Germans I only lost a couple of Stormtrooper squads to the incoming fire and had silenced one of the French HMG’s plus there field gun.

The first of the Stormtroopers go over the wire into the village ruins……..
Digital StillCamera

….and sweep away the French defenders.
Digital StillCamera

As this was going on the barrage had hit the base of the hill and the Pioneers were nearly at the wire.
Digital StillCamera

Things were really looking bad for the French now, the village was mine and the tank was through the wire backed up by the Pioneers who’s flamethrowers were doing the wicked work.
Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Steve was down to his last few troops now but still had a chance to at least draw the game as I only had a couple of scoring units left, he managed to take one down but just couldn’t get the other before the last of the French defenders fail died.
Digital StillCamera

So a win for the German attackers but in the end a really close game if Steve could have just killed a couple more of my troop’s he would have snatched a draw.

Cheers, Steve

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