French v Russians, Napoleonic Black Powder.

Well its been a while since I lasted posted anything up but real life has been getting in the way of my blogging time. Anyway I’m back and thought I’d put up some pictures of the game of Black Powder me and Steve played last night at club. I was playing the French while Steve was using his work in progress Russians, which are coming along nicely by the way :o). As in are last game I had taken a bit of a beating we decided that the Russians should go on the attack this time, we set the table up with the French retreating over a river bridge and into a town which they had to hold against the on coming Russian force.

Set up, with the French in retreat.
Digital StillCamera

French start to set up there defences. Steve was having a real bad time of it with his command roll’s and was struggling to get his troops moving.
Digital StillCamera

Part of the Russian Cavalry Brigade.
Digital StillCamera

The first clash of arm’s sees the Russian Cuirassiers charge the Dutch Lt Dragoons, as you would expect the Russian took the honours seeing the light troop’s off but the Dutch got away to regroup while the Cuirassiers also pulled back to regroup.
Digital StillCamera

The game continued with Steve still struggling to get any real momentum going with his command rolls, so I took advantage by getting my troops set ready for the onslaught, here’s my artillery brigade ready to up fire.
Digital StillCamera

At last the Russians get to the bridge and start to cross it.
Digital StillCamera

The Guard Brigade pushes across under heavy fire.
Digital StillCamera

After initial success the Guard were held and even though Steve manages to get some more units over to support them it was all a bit to late, time had run out and the French had held to take the victory…..hurrah :o).
Russians push on……
Digital StillCamera

…but are held.
Digital StillCamera

Another cracking game of Black Powder, really looking forward to are next game which is booked for a couple of weeks time when four of us will be playing.

Cheers, Steve.

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One Response to French v Russians, Napoleonic Black Powder.

  1. Phil says:

    Well done, beautiful pics and figures!

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