Battle of the Four Nations, Black Powder.

Yesterday at club we had a extended session, having the hall for the afternoon as well as the evening. A group of us arranged a large Napoleonic wars Black Powder game with Steve and Mike taking charge of a Russian, Prussian and Austrian alliance while me and Simon took charge of a large French force. We played on a 12 foot by 6 foot table using 1/72nd/20mm mainly plastic models, here’s some pictures of the table lay out.

Allies to the left, French to the right.
Digital StillCamera

French to the left, Allies to the right.
Digital StillCamera

Both forces had about 40 battalions of infantry, 12 regiments of cavalry and 12 batteries of artillery. We had decided that each force would hold one of the two built up area’s with a battalion of infantry with the objective for the game to hold yours and capture the enemies plus a extra objective was to take and hold the crossroad in the centre of the table, below are some pictures of the game in progress.

My French advance.
Digital StillCamera

Simon’s French advance.
Digital StillCamera

My force advance past the French held village as well as close on the crossroad.
Digital StillCamera

Combat is joined between the French and Prussians.
Digital StillCamera

Austrians move forward.
Digital StillCamera

oh this is going to hurt.
Digital StillCamera

The Old Guard arrive at last, Simon had tried to get them on to the table twice with out success :o(.
Digital StillCamera

Things are starting to go badly wrong for the French forces at this point, being pushed back on both fronts.
Digital StillCamera

Austrians prepare to attack the French village.
Digital StillCamera

One regiment of French Heavy cavalry launch forward to hold back the Prussian advance…..
Digital StillCamera

…..while the other crash in to the Austrians.
Digital StillCamera

These were the last throws of the game, the French heavies did halt the allies but at this stage all my infantry brigades had been broken while Simon’s force was also in a bad way, the allies had been given a blooded noise but had taken the day. It was a great days gaming and a big thanks to Simon, Mike and Steve for making it so much fun :O).

Cheers, Steve.

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