Napoleonic Black Powder on the Eastern Front.

Had another Black Powder game on Sunday this time against Steve and his Russians, we decided to play the same scenario as the last game (see The Battle of Four Nations) but thought it would be interesting to try out using points value, so we chose armies of 1,000pts.

Table set up.
Digital StillCamera

The French Mid Guard Brigade march up the road towards the crossroad.
Digital StillCamera

French held building.
Digital StillCamera

Now this is the French right flank where my Light Cavalry Brigade and one of my Infantry Brigade is supposed to be after two turn of play they still hadn’t arrived……doh!
Digital StillCamera

The Mid Guard move to take the crossroad.
Digital StillCamera

The right flank forces arrive at last.
Digital StillCamera

The Russians attack the French held building.
Digital StillCamera

A mass melee erupts in front of the Russian held building.
Digital StillCamera

At this stage the Russians have pushed back the Mid Guard as well as both French flank forces.
Digital StillCamera

The view of the French left flank as the Russians advance.
Digital StillCamera

The right flank doesn’t look good ever.
Digital StillCamera

We called the game at this point as time was getting on and agreed that the Russians had taken the day. Another cracking game, I’m really enjoying Black Powder at the moment so much so I’ve even started painting up a few more units i’ll post up some pictures once there done.

Anyway that’s it for now.

Cheers, Steve.

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