Russians take on X Corps, Napolenic Black Powder.

Another week and another game of Napoleonic Black Powder, this time against Steve and his Russian. I decided to try something a bit different this time, looking at the French Grand Army that invaded Russian in 1812 the X Corps was a mix of Polish and Prussians troop, seeing I have some of both I thought it would be to give them a run out. The plan for the game would see me take command of three defensible positions (2 built up areas plus barricaded bridge) while Steve would have a large Russian force and eight turns of play to take them.

Set up for the defenders.
Digital StillCamera

Set up for the Attacks (Steve still had his Guard Brigade as reserve).
Digital StillCamera

A Polish line battalion hold the Bridge.
Digital StillCamera

The first clash of the game saw one of the Russian Dragoon regiments charge my Lancers, surprisingly my Lancers won the combat and chased the Dragoons off.
Digital StillCamera

The first attack goes in on the Bridge but is beaten off by the Poles.
Digital StillCamera

So Steve sent in the Guard…….
Digital StillCamera

……and after a stiff fight they broke through.
Digital StillCamera

With this the attacks go in on the two built up areas.
Digital StillCamera

Things were looking grim but I still had my Prussian Dragoons which I sent in to support my troops.
Digital StillCamera

It was the last turn of the game and the Russians had to break the forces holding the building, it was close but the Poles just held on.
Digital StillCamera

It was a cracking game and went right down to the wire, I had lost two of my four Brigades and the only reason the Poles were still on the table was they were in the buildings.

Anyway that’s it for now.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Russians take on X Corps, Napolenic Black Powder.

  1. Matt says:

    Good stuff sir! :o)
    It seems you’ve gone Black Powder crazy? … Well done that man!

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