Back into WAC.

Well I must say I’m really getting back into War & Conquest at the moment, with my EIR and Celts taking front stage. Managed to get a few games in including a game last night at club against Mike and his Macedonians, we were using 2,000pts force.
Here’s some pictures.
Mikes Macedonians.
Digital StillCamera

My EIR Romans.
Digital StillCamera

We had rolled up Spring deployment (table quarters) and 10 turns of play (fixed length), Battle objectives were drawn in secret with me getting Search & Destroy (eliminating enemies 2 most valuable formations) while Mike got Breakthrough (get 25% of your formations off the table within 6″ of enemies Rally point).

Battle lines advance towards each other.
Digital StillCamera

One of the Macedonian Phalanx breaks one of my Recruit Legions which contained my General and army standard and then ran them down…..ouch.
Digital StillCamera

But with my cavalry getting into one flank while my two heavily armoured regular Legions attacking from the front I managed to destroy the other two Phalanx’s…hurrah.
Digital StillCamera

With this the game was over with my Romans taken the win, it was a cracking game and as always Mike is a great opponent.

Here’s a few more pictures.

My new Celt Javelin men get stuck in.
Digital StillCamera

Close up of one of Mikes old school plastic Phalanx units.
Digital StillCamera

Cheers, Steve.

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