WAC, Roman Advance into Africa.

Another week and another game of WAC this time a 3,000pts game on a 8 by 4 table against Rob and his Masai(Warband army). We roll up spring deployment and fixed game length(again)and unknown to each other we had both drawn Raid as objective (we had to get a formation to the enemies rally point, stay there a turn then make it back to there own rally point).

Roman deployment.
Digital StillCamera

Masai deployment.
Digital StillCamera

View from the Roman front line.
Digital StillCamera

The first combat of the game sees my Western Celts clash we there African cousins.
Digital StillCamera

My Recruit Legion smash through a Warrior unit.
Digital StillCamera

While a unit of the Masai return the favour on my Auxiliary Cavalry.
Digital StillCamera

After destroying a unit of Warriors my Pretorian Guard crash into the Masai Generals Veteran unit.
Digital StillCamera

This was one brutal game, with both of us knowing we weren’t going to complete are objective I think we both knew its was going to end up this way. The game did end in a draw but we decided that the bragging rights would go to the Roman Legions but only just ;0).

Cheers, Steve.

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One Response to WAC, Roman Advance into Africa.

  1. Dave Toone says:

    Nope, can’t have that. Nobody draws against Rob – you must have won 🙂

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