Well its been a while & more WAC.

Yes its been a while since my last post but working in retail Christmas is my busiest time of the year so I don’t get much time to game or blog.
This Sunday I managed to sort out another game of WAC, this time against Steve and his Vikings, I like to play in period when I can so I decided to dust off one of my Dark Age armies. As Steve was bringing his Vikings I thought I’d try out the new WAC Blog Welsh list ( http://warandconquest.blogspot.co.uk/ ), now I must admit my Welsh haven’t seen much love this year so most of the army is unpainted and I had to use some of my Celts to make up the numbers but I managed to put together what I thought was a descent 2,000pt list.
Now I didn’t write down any details of the game but did take some pictures so here you go.

set up, Welsh to the left, Vikings to the right.
Digital StillCamera

The battle lines meet, after seeing off the Viking Raiders, the Viking and Welsh Kings clash with there elite units.
Digital StillCamera

Another view of the combat.
Digital StillCamera

After a few turns of combat to my and Steve’s surprise the Welsh destroy the Viking Hirdmen and there King.
Digital StillCamera

With this the rest of the Viking army seemed to loss heart with all three of the remaining Bondi units fleeing the field.
Digital StillCamera

Well I must say that was a bit of a shock, having played with and against Vikings many times I’ve never seen an army crumble like Steve’s did. As for the Welsh I was really happy how they played, they’re a real change from my other Dark Age army(Vikings) with a lot more missile troops so it should be quite interesting getting some more games in with them, might also encourage me to get some paint on them ;o).

Cheers, Steve.

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3 Responses to Well its been a while & more WAC.

  1. Dave Toone says:

    Those Welsh are a tricky bunch! My Vikings got a good kicking from a Welsh army at Newark – They’re so mobile that unless you can force the strategic advantage at just the right time, it’s hard to make them stand and fight before they’ve pin cushioned the cream of your army!

    Anything in the list that didn’t seem right or needed looking at?

    • lurkusspleen says:

      Hi Dave,
      I’ve been looking at the list for a while and to be honest I’m quite happy with it, I would like it to become even more mobile if possible as my limited understanding of the Welsh in this period have them as hit and run force. So maybe a re-roll to the flee move or/and a re-roll when moving through terrain (maybe under the title of “Lands of are Fathers” ;o) ) plus I’d also light to see a light/skirmishing cavalry option (scouts/raiders).
      Anyway these are just some thoughts and when it comes down to it its your baby so if you want to ignore my ramblings I’d understand :o).

      Cheers, Steve.

      • Dave Toone says:

        More mobile – Bugger, you must be kidding me!! ( I have to admit that the re-roll when moving through terrain is a stroke of absolute genius and will be in there by the end of the night!)

        Some good thoughts there Steve. Originally there weren’t any more cavalry because the terrain (apparantly) wasn’t good for mounted troops, so they weren’t (apparantly!) popular amongst the Welsh, but it seems a bit bloody daft not to have them in there, even if they’re limited to a 0-1 option for, as you say, representing scouting troops.

        They’re not mine – they’re anyones and everyones! I’m more than happy to update the lists as often as is needed to get them right so we can all get the best games out of them 🙂

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