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A Very Lucky Chap.

After my great weekend for my Birthday the other week this Sunday saw another treat, gaming chums Matt and Jenny invited me to there’s for a large game of WAC, they had also invited fellow gaming chum Phil……ACE :O). Upon … Continue reading

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WW 2 Victory at Sea, Guadalcanal.

Something a bit different at club this week, me, Mike and Matt had a couple of games of Victory at Sea. We played one of the Guadalcanal scenario’s from the rules book, the Japanese force had 3 x 8 inch … Continue reading

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A Lucky Chap.

Last Friday was my Birthday and my darling wife treated me to a day in London :o). After arriving just after midday we booked into are hotel and then got the train to central London and the Imperial War Museum. … Continue reading

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WAC, EIR V Macedonian Part Three.

Yes another week and another clash against Mike and his Macedonians, 2,500pts again with Mike using the same list as last week while I decided to try a list with a heavier Auxiliary contingent. We rolled up Spring deployment (table … Continue reading

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WAC, EIR V Macedonians take two.

Another week and another game of WAC, this time a 2,500pts a side clash between my EIR and Mike’s Macedonians. We had both decided to try out the army lists from the War & Conquest blog ( ). We … Continue reading

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More EIR Reinforcements Arrive.

With the time off I’ve had after the Christmas break I’ve managed to base up and finish some more EIR I’ve received back from the painters. This adds a Veteran Legionaries unit , another unit of Auxiliary Infantry and Cavalry … Continue reading

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