WAC, EIR V Macedonians take two.

Another week and another game of WAC, this time a 2,500pts a side clash between my EIR and Mike’s Macedonians. We had both decided to try out the army lists from the War & Conquest blog ( http://warandconquest.blogspot.co.uk/ ).
We rolled up Summer deployment and fixed game length (11 turns), with Mike having to destroy 75% of my force while I had to get a unit into his deployment while keeping his out of mine.

Here’s are deployment, Macedonians to the left, EIR to the right.
Digital StillCamera

On the right flank the Macedonian Thracian allies clash with a unit of Recruit Legionaries, it doesn’t go well for the Thracians :o).
Digital StillCamera

While on the left flank one of the Roman Axillary Cavalry units are chased off by the Macedonian Companion Cavalry :o(.
Digital StillCamera

But both me and Mike know that the real fight is going to be in the centre where the three Macedonian Phalanx’s face off against three of my Legionaries units.
Digital StillCamera

The lines clash…..
Digital StillCamera

….and a mass melee erupts……
Digital StillCamera

….with charges and count charges going in.
Digital StillCamera

In the end it all came down to a couple of critical morale tests and the use of SIP’s, Mike needing a seven on three dice to save one of his Phalanx’s decided not to add a SIP dice while when my Veterans need a four on three dice I added a SIP dice. Mike’s roll failed while mine was successful with that i could get support to my Veterans and turn the tide of that combat. This was the fail straw for the remaining Phalanx’s they both broke and were run down, with this Mike offered me his hand and the game :o).
Another cracking game and I must say I really like the new list, a big thank to Mike for being such a good opponent looking forward to are next clash.

Cheers, Steve.

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2 Responses to WAC, EIR V Macedonians take two.

  1. Matt says:

    Looks like a great game! Glad you like the list.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    So was the list your handy work then mate?


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