WAC, EIR V Macedonian Part Three.

Yes another week and another clash against Mike and his Macedonians, 2,500pts again with Mike using the same list as last week while I decided to try a list with a heavier Auxiliary contingent.
We rolled up Spring deployment (table quarters), with fixed game length (9 turns), Mike got Search and Destroy objective (destroy my 2 most expensive units) while I got Test of Strength again (get unit into Mikes deployment while keeping Mikes out of mine).

Romans deployment.
Digital StillCamera

Macedonian deployment.
Digital StillCamera

On the right flank the Romans ford the river and then hold there ground.
Digital StillCamera

While on the left flank the Macedonian cross the river and engage the Romans. One of there Phalanx’s clash with a Regular Legion….
Digital StillCamera

….while the Companion Cavalry smash into the Celt Light Cavalry.
Digital StillCamera

Surprisingly both these combats went badly for the Macedonian, with both units being destroyed after a couple of turns of combat.
At this point thing were going really well for my Romans and I was starting to feel confidant I had the game in the bag……..oh how wrong I was, Mike now unleashed his Veteran Phalanx and they cut a bloody sway through my force destroying or panicking off a unit of Auxiliary Infantry, my Auxiliary Archers and one of my Regular legions, then smashing into my Veteran Legion.
Digital StillCamera

Then on the right flank Mikes remaining Phalanx charged into my remaining Regular Legion and wiping them out, while my Auxiliary Cavalry are driven off.
Digital StillCamera

I managed to hold my Cavalry and get them back to the river but the Macedonians were now crossing the river in great numbers and within a turn they were cornered and destroyed.
Digital StillCamera

In the centre after a couple of nail biting turns of combat I managed to get my other unit of Auxiliary Cavalry into the Veteran Phalanx and they are finally destroyed but not before they’ve mauled my Veterans.
Digital StillCamera

By this time we were in the final turn of the game and what a game it had been, below is a picture of how the game finished.
Digital StillCamera

Neither of us had completed are objectives so the game ended a draw with me just taking the bragging rights 100pts to 80pts. I’ve got to say I’ve played a lot of games of WAC over the last few months but this one was defiantly the best, how the game swung one way then the other with both of us still in with a chance to take the win right up to the end…. just brilliant :o).

Anyway that’s it for now chaps.

Cheers, Steve.

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8 Responses to WAC, EIR V Macedonian Part Three.

  1. Mike Waller says:

    We have had a few games recently and I completely agree that this was a great one. It was in the balance right till the end and really demonstrated that War and Conquest are a brilliant set of rules. Many thanks, Steve, for a most enjoyable game, played in the very best spirit. Cheers. Mike.

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    No problem mate, we will have to take it up to 3,000pts next time :o).

  3. Alan Paginton says:

    Larger battles seem to be giving the Macedonians a sporting chance against the Romans and using a list which updates the phalanx morale to 7 is a good move Mike. Look forward to a game with you both soon.

    Best wishes.


  4. lurkusspleen says:

    Hi Alan,
    we have also been using a larger table 8ft by 4ft which gives the armies a lot more area to manoeuvre in. Let me know when your free next and we can sort out a game.

    Cheers, Steve.

    • Alan Paginton says:

      Hi Steve,
      Had my operation today so hopefully not too long before I can get some toys on the table.
      Just watched sink the Bismarck – excellent stuff. Do you think the Bismarck campaign would work using Victory at Sea? I have a Revell waterline model of the Bismarck somewhere in the pile – not sure the scale but the box is quite small.

      All the best.


  5. lurkusspleen says:

    Hi Alan,
    I hope the Opp went well?
    Sink the Bismarck is one of my favourite films just excellent old school British filming :o).I haven’t got my Victory at Sea Rules set to hand but I think there’s a historical scenario or two that cover this battle in the book.

    Cheers, Steve.

  6. Alan Paginton says:

    Hi Steve
    Bit uncomfortable but should be fine in a week or two.
    I see that Warlord Games are going to market VAS later this year – they are taking over the Wargames universe!

    All the best.


  7. Mike Waller says:

    Hi Alan,

    Glad to hear the op went ok. As Steve says there are two Bismarck scenarios in the VAS rules. The new edition due in the autumn promised full colour and a lot of changes. It will be interesting to see if it arrives on time and at what price.

    Hope to see you gaming again soon.

    Best wishes,


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