A Lucky Chap.

Last Friday was my Birthday and my darling wife treated me to a day in London :o). After arriving just after midday we booked into are hotel and then got the train to central London and the Imperial War Museum.
Here’s a couple of Pictures.

WW2 British Bomber cockpit.
Digital StillCamera

WW2 German Tail Fin.
Digital StillCamera

WW2 Torpedo, I just didn’t relies how large these are :o0.
Digital StillCamera

Spitfire, Harrier,V1 and V2 Rockets.
Digital StillCamera

And finally a very poignant sign from the WW1 section.
Digital StillCamera

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the trip but I would say I was a little disappointed with the museum it just seemed a lot smaller than I remember but then again I haven’t visited it for at least 30 years (ouch am I really that old ;o) ) plus after visiting some of the WW1 museums in France last year the IWM just didn’t cut the mustard.

Talking of Mustard after the museum we went out for a slap up steak dinner in a swanky restaurant then a walk along the water front, a prefect end to a lovely day, I really am a lucky chap :o).

Cheers, Steve.

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2 Responses to A Lucky Chap.

  1. Matt says:

    Delighted that you had a spiffing birthday old bean!
    Looking forward to next weekend and crushing the barbarian alliance!

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Cheers Mate, I’ve started to plan the down full of those dirty rotten barbarians as we speak, really looking forward to it :o).


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