WW 2 Victory at Sea, Guadalcanal.

Something a bit different at club this week, me, Mike and Matt had a couple of games of Victory at Sea. We played one of the Guadalcanal scenario’s from the rules book, the Japanese force had 3 x 8 inch Cruisers plus 2 destroyers while the Americans had 2 x 8 inch & 2 x 6 inch Cruisers plus 4 destroyers.

The two force, US to the left, Jap’s to the right.
Digital StillCamera

US force, 8 inch Cruisers lead the way.
Digital StillCamera

Jap force.
Digital StillCamera

The first game we play as the rules book, so it was a night game. Matt took charge of the Jap’s while me and Mike split the Yanks between us, Mike took the 8 inch while I took the 6 inch Cruisers.

Mikes Cruisers make smoke after taken heavy damage.
Digital StillCamera

The yanks won the first pretty easily so we re-set the game and this time decided to play it as a day time game, this was a lot closer game as the Jap’s had longer ranged main guns and torpedo’s but in the end the out come was the same a win for the yanks.

All the stuff for the game was provided by Mike, so a big thanks for that mate.

Anyway that’s it for now, Cheers, Steve.

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