A Very Lucky Chap.

After my great weekend for my Birthday the other week this Sunday saw another treat, gaming chums Matt and Jenny invited me to there’s for a large game of WAC, they had also invited fellow gaming chum Phil……ACE :O).

Upon arriving not only was a greeted with a great looking gaming table but with a couple of lovely presents, a card and Warlord games gift voucher from the hosts and a awesomely painted Roman General from Phil….thanks you guys :oO.

Phil’s present.
Digital StillCamera

We had decided to play a 6,000pts aside game with me and Matt playing Early Imperial Romans while Phil and Jenny would command a Barbarian horde.

Roman set up.
Digital StillCamera

Ancient Britons & Germans set up.
Digital StillCamera

We decided to go for a nice and simple, beat the living hell out of each other instead of any fancy battle objectives and what a cracking game it was, here’s some pictures.

My Celtic Allied Cavalry catch one of the German Warrior units in the flank.
Digital StillCamera

More of my Celtic Allies advance towards the waiting German Warbands.
Digital StillCamera

My Legionaries match towards there enemy.
Digital StillCamera

My Praetorian Guard with Legate General clash with Jenny’s Warlord lead Nobles, the fight last for a couple of turn then to the disgrace of Roman my Guard are chased off and don’t rally until there well clear of the enemy :o(.
Digital StillCamera

Its not looking good for Jenny’s Warlord and Nobles as there caught in the front, flank and rear, they manage to survive a turn of combat……..
Digital StillCamera

…..but were overwhelmed the following turn…..ouch.
Digital StillCamera

Looking across the battlefield and there wasn’t an enemy Barbarian standing while there were plenty of Roman milling around, bruised but alive……hurrah a victory to the might of roman.

I had a fantastic day and as well as a cracking game was treated to bacon baguette’s and Chocolate cake for lunch…. mmm :O). So all I can say is a big thanks to Matt, Jenny and Phil for making it such a good one.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to A Very Lucky Chap.

  1. Dave Toone says:

    Bugger me, that’s a great looking game!

    I’m playing against Phils Macedonians with my Republican Romans next week and hope to crush him too! 😉

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