Attack on the Ridge, Black Powder Napoleonic’s.

It’s been a while since I’ve played any Black Powder so when Steve offered me a game against his Russians a I was well up for it. Steve had sorted out a scenario which saw his Russians defending a Ridge and built up area while my out numbering French would try and kick them off/out.

Russian defensive’s
Digital StillCamera

The French attack column advance.
Digital StillCamera

The Guard move to protected the unlimbering Grand Battery.
Digital StillCamera

The Russian Hussars catch one of the French Battalions in Line and sweep them away…..ouch.
Digital StillCamera

As this is happening the French move forward towards the built up area (top of picture).
Digital StillCamera

The Old Guard storm the buildings and force the Russian defenders out……
Digital StillCamera

…..while another attack column advance on the one of the hill’s.
Digital StillCamera

The Russians sent in a strong counter attack on the building but it is beaten back, while the French attack on the hill sweep away the Russian defenders.
Digital StillCamera

With me now holding 2 of the 4 objectives my remaining Lancer Regiment now caught one of the Russian Battalions in Line with the same out come as before. They then swepted forward to take a third objective and with that we called it an evening…….a victory to the French…..hurrah :o).
Digital StillCamera

It was nice to get the Napoleonic’s out again, the table always looks cool with that many toys on the table. A big thanks to Steve for sorting out the scenario and being such a fun opponent, nice one mate :o).

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Attack on the Ridge, Black Powder Napoleonic’s.

  1. Real knife edge finish to the game – if the Russians charged by the lancers had been forced to withdraw rather than break, then they would have been on the ridge to contest the lancers, who couldn’t sweeping advance due to being shaken after the 1st combat. Great game as always!

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