EIR v Pontic Empire, WAC.

Had another game of WAC this Sunday, 3,000pts a side on a 8 by 4 table. I was up against Simon and his Pontic force which is a really mix of unit including heavy and light infantry, heavy Cavalry and four horse chariots.
Now I didn’t get to take many pictures as my camera was playing up but here’s the few I did get.

Roman Deployment.
Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Close up of my Legionaries.
Digital StillCamera

That’s it I’m afraid, as for the game it all started well for the Roman’s with my Legions smashing into the Pontic centre but things started to go wrong when Simon managed to get one of his Chariots into my Praetorians(including my general and BSB) as well as one of his heavy infantry units, the Praetorians broke and were destroyed…..ouch.
I tried to hold back the tide for the remaining turns but it was just no good, Simon grabbed the centre of the table which was his objective and there was nothing a could do to stop him……..a victory for the Pontic Empire…..nice one mate.

Cheers, Steve.

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