Another Epic WAC Clash, EIR v Macedonian Successors.

Another week and another epic clash against Mike and his Macedonians, we would be play 3,000pts a side on a 8ft by 4ft table. I had made a few changes from last weeks game but had stuck with as pure a Roman only list as I could so no Celt allies again, Mike had decided to have a go at a Successor list which was small but very elite, three Veteran Phalanx’s and two units of Heavy Cavalry.

Set up (EIR at the bottom, Macedonian’s at the top).
Digital StillCamera

Now me and Mike never seem to muck around in are games and this was no different with us both wanting to get stuck in a.s.a.p. , with Mike get the jump on me. Now I must say I forgot to take any more pictures until about half way through the game, sorry but was just enjoying myself to much ;o).

Praetorians and Auxiliary cavalry slow grind down the Macedonian companion cavalry.
Digital StillCamera

Clash in the centre.
Digital StillCamera

My left flank crumbles as my Veterans are butchered after be caught in the rear by the other unit of heavy cavalry, while the Regulars above them flee from the advancing Phalangites.
Digital StillCamera

In the centre more and more units get drawn into a mass melee…….
Digital StillCamera

…..and even more…..
Digital StillCamera

….but in the end it all goes wrong for the Romans, yes they destroy the Mercenary Greek Hoplites but lose a unit of Auxiliary cavalry, the Praetorians, Aquilfer and Consul……ouch :o(.
Digital StillCamera

The game was drawling to a end with the final turns see us jokey for position, this is the final position at the end of the game,turn 10 (I placed my beacon model so we knew where the centre of the table was).
Digital StillCamera

We both revealed are objective with mine being to hold the centre of the table with one of my battle formations while keeping the enemy 12 inch’s away, which I failed, while Mike’s was to destroy my two most expensive units which were my Praetorians & Veteran Legionaries which he completed to take the victory.

What can I say another cracking game of WAC which went right down to the wire against a brilliant opponent, nice one mate, I’ll get you next time ;o).

Anyway that’s it for now.

Cheers, Steve.

ps: Mike’s sent me some more pictures so I’ll try and pop them up during the week if I get a chance.

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One Response to Another Epic WAC Clash, EIR v Macedonian Successors.

  1. Matt says:

    A splendid looking game!
    An 8’x4′ table for 3k per side looks ace.

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