Zero Hour, WW1/ Great War Game.

This week at club saw 6 of us involved in helping play test gaming chum Orange Dave’s new Great War rules Zero Hour. We played a nice and simple objective grabbing scenario with 3 of us playing the Germans and Austro/Hungarian who were up against a allied force of British and French run by the other 3 chaps while Dave guided us through the rules. Here’s a few pictures of the game in play.

Set up (poker chips are used for orders).
Digital StillCamera

German Storm Troops back up by a captured tank.
Digital StillCamera

British forces including 2 yes 2 tanks :o0.
Digital StillCamera

British advance.
Digital StillCamera

Storm Troopers and British Assault troops clash.
Digital StillCamera

My Veteran Storm Troopers take down Atlas one of the allied tanks……BOOM….:O).
Digital StillCamera

Well that’s it for now, I’ve got to say I really enjoyed my first game of Zero Hour, yes its a bit rough around the edges at the moment but the prospects are looking very good.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Zero Hour, WW1/ Great War Game.

  1. Alan Paginton says:

    A really fun game which “felt right”, although I am no expert on WW1. Thanks Dave.

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