WACing Away From Home.

No club game this week as I was lucky enough to be invited to Matt and Jen’s again for some more WAC action. The reason for the game was Jen wanted to try out a list for the WAC tournament that her and Matt will be attending in May at Nottingham (The WAC GT). Always up for a challenge I put together a 2,500pt list using the EIR army list from the WAC Blog site, the great thing about having such a large EIR army now is you can chop and change it around and try out different combinations, this time I want for a character heavy list, below is a quick run down.

3 Tribunes
Allied Chieftain
Veteran Legion
2 Raw Legion
2 Auxiliary Cavalry
Auxiliary Archers
2 Scorpio
Celtic Warband
2 Celtic Skirmishers

Jen wanted to run one of the scenarios they would be playing on the weekend, so we went for the spring deployment, marching order and fixed game length one. Here’s some pictures of the set.

My EIR force.
Digital StillCamera

Jen’s Celtic Horde.
Digital StillCamera

A full table view.
Digital StillCamera

View from the Roman’s battle line.
Digital StillCamera

Now I didn’t get to take many more pictures as we were having such a cracking game I completely forgot…..oop’s but I did get a nice one when the main battle lines clashed.

Digital StillCamera

The game was close for a while but in the end I managed to break through the Celtic line and push on to there rally point where I march the three units I needed to off the table to take the win (I had drawn Breakthrough as my objective, so had to get 25% of my force off the table at this point), it had been tight but I had made it with a turn of the game still left to play :o).

Its always a pleasure to play Jen as she always plays in the right spirit and she’s one fine painter, her Celts put mine to shame. Anyway hopefully I should be popping over again in month or so for a rematch so here’s looking forward to then.

Cheers, Steve.

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2 Responses to WACing Away From Home.

  1. Matt says:

    Glad you enjoyed it mate. Always a pleasure to see you.
    BTW Alas I shall not be attending the event as we cannot get baby-sitters that weekend.
    Looking forward to seeing the re-match.

  2. Dave Toone says:

    Brilliant looking game! Everyone knows that newly painted units always crash and burn in their first few games – it’s the law!!
    Gutted to hear you won’t be there this time Matt 😦

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