Battle for the Ridge, Napoleonic Black Powder.

Its been awhile since I’ve played Black Powder but what with the big Waterloo game on the horizon I jumped at the chance when Mike offered his Austrians up for battle.
Mikes would be fielding 2 mixed Infantry Brigades each with 5 Battalions(1 Guard,1 militia,3 Line)plus 1 large mixed Battalion containing heavy cavalry Regiments back up with 3 infantry Battalions, I would have to break 2 of these to break Mikes force.
My force consisted of 3 Infantry Brigades each of 4 Line Battalions plus 2 Light Cavalry Brigades each of 2 Regiments, Mike would have to break 3 of these to force me to retire.
We set the table up with a ridge (3 hills) in the centre of the table we decided that the player who held the most of these by the end of the game, 10 turns would be the victor unless either side broke before.

Set up
Digital StillCamera

The French.
Digital StillCamera

The Austrians.
Digital StillCamera

Mike got first turn but his lads didn’t seem to want to move much, while when I got my turn most of my forces behaved and I managed to push 2 of my Brigades right forward.
Digital StillCamera

The some of the Austrian Cuirassiers move forward to take one of the objectives.
Digital StillCamera

While another Regiment moves ready to engage one of my line battalions but are sent packing after a volley of musket fire.
Digital StillCamera

In the centre I went on the attack first catching some Austrian artillery that had failed to unlimbered……
Digital StillCamera

…….and then engaging some infantry Battalions in the woods.
Digital StillCamera

Here’s a view of my attack going in.
Digital StillCamera

I managed to destroy the artillery but the rest of the attack failed.
Digital StillCamera

With this the Austrians went on the attack and they pushed back the French forces but only to the ridge line, were they were held.
Digital StillCamera

Things were on a knife edge now I had 3 Brigades that were only one unit away from breaking while I was only 1 unit away from breaking the large Austrian Brigade and 2 away from another. There was plenty of shooting and combats going on across the ridge but when the dust settled 2 Austrian Brigades were broken while only 1 of the French.
Digital StillCamera

The game was over and the French were victorious having broken the Austrian army.
Digital StillCamera

What I absolutely awesome game, it was so close at the end and could have gone ever way, a big thanks to Mike for being such a great opponent here’s hoping we cross swords again sometime soon and thanks for the extra pictures i’ll put them up later in the week.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Battle for the Ridge, Napoleonic Black Powder.

  1. Matt says:

    A super looking game! Glad you enjoyed it.

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