A Busy Week.

Well I’ve been off work this week and inbetween sorting out the house ready for the move I’ve managed to get quite a bit done. First off with Salute not far away I needed to sort out a few Bamboo screen for the game being run by Scarab Miniatures which I helping out with.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Next up I had a order come back from Cornishmikey painting which included some Roman casualty markers plus some guards which i’ll be using as more SIP markers.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera<a

Digital StillCamera

Finally I completed another unit of Celts, this time with bows plus a Druid/Shaman character, again all models made from the Wargames Factory range.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Well that’s it for now.

Cheers, Steve.

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2 Responses to A Busy Week.

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Did you make the bamboo screen ?

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Hi there,
    no the top ones (green) are by Perry Miniatures while the other ones are by Dixon Miniatures.

    Cheers, Steve.

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