WACing away with the Romans ;o).

No club this week as I was lucky enough to be invited to Matt & Jen’s again for some more WAC fun :O). Jen is getting ready for the WAC National Tournament which is coming up in May and was after some practises games against Romans using her newly painted Celt army, I was happy to oblige ;o).

Here’s some pictures of the first game (we managed to get 2 in but I didn’t take any pictures of the second one).

Set up game 1, Celts to the left, Romans to the right.
Digital StillCamera

Celt Veterans clash with Roman Veterans……..it didn’t end well for the Celts, they just couldn’t get through the Legionaries heavy armour.
Digital StillCamera

A couple of pictures of Jen’s lovely Celts, most models are from the Foundry Celt & Gaul range. The banners are hand painted while most of the shields are by Little Big Man.
Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

The end of the line for the Celt Warlord and her Nobles when they are caught by the Roman Veterans and Praetorian Guard……ouch.
Digital StillCamera

That’s it for pictures I’m afraid, as for games I managed to win both, to be honest the first game was very one sided my Legion’s steam rolled over the weaker Celt units and then ganged up on the Nobles which Jen had held back. The second game was much closer with Jen getting her two hard hitting combat units (Nobles & upgraded Veterans) in to combat a.s.a.p where they did a lot better wiping out 4 units between them.While this was going on though one of my cavalry units had got to Jen’s rally point raided it and got back to my rally point to take the win.

I just like to say a big thanks to both Matt & Jen for the invite and such a fun day.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to WACing away with the Romans ;o).

  1. Matt says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself mate, always a pleasure to see you.
    Thanks for the lovely cakes! 🙂

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