Zero Hour, The Hill.

This week at club saw me and Orange Dave having another crack at Dave’s Great War rule set Zero Hour, these are still a work in progress. We decided to play one of are favourite scenario which we’ve used for a lot of different rules set, The Hill, one player holds a fortified area (the Hill) while the other attack it using double the amount of troops.

Here’s some pictures.

Set up, The Hill to the top of the picture.
Digital StillCamera

The Hill, with its gallant British defenders.
Digital StillCamera

The German attackers including captured tank.
Digital StillCamera

Off field artillery lands amongst the German attackers……..
Digital StillCamera

……but this doesn’t stop the advance.
Digital StillCamera

After heavy shelling and small arm’s fire the hill is cleared of defenders except for the high command.
Digital StillCamera

As my Storm Troopers move into the fortifications the allied reserves move in lead by a unit of Australians.
Digital StillCamera

A big scrap erupts,view from the German side…..
Digital StillCamera

….. and the Aussie side.
Digital StillCamera

More and more troops are drawn into the fight.
Digital StillCamera

In the end the Germans overpower the allies and the hill is taken :o).
Digital StillCamera

The victors survey there achievement.
Digital StillCamera

A very fun and interesting game, I think the rules are coming along nicely and I think Dave will be putting it out for some more general play testing in the not so distant future, I’ll post up here when he does, so watch this space ;o).

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Zero Hour, The Hill.

  1. Matt says:

    How many times have we fought over this hill eh? In fact – it’s just like the real Great War in that respect – senseless slaughter over the same old ground.

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