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First of many :o).

So after a bit of a painting hiatus I’ve got my brushes out and painted a model. Yes my test figure for my new Indian army, really happy with him and he didn’t take long to do. I used the … Continue reading

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Another new WAC army ;o).

I was chatting to some guys down the club and they mentioned that the latest edition of Wargames Illustrated was a special on Alexander the Great, now I must say this is not normally my magazine of choice, I’m a … Continue reading

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The Tail of the Rampant Nelly, WAC.

Another week and another game of WAC with my Carthaginians, this time against Alan and his Macedonians. We had decided on 2,500pts armies and I had brought my F.A.T Mat along for it first outing. Set up, Macedonians to the … Continue reading

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WAC, Carthage & EIR.

I’ve been playing a lot of WAC lately using my new Carthage force and having a great time, I was going to do a game report of my game the Sunday just gone but my camera decided to run out … Continue reading

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