WW1 Zero Hour, more play testing.

So was luck enough to get another chance to help with play testing chum Dave’s new WW1 rules Zero Hour this week at club and what a fun evening of gaming it was :o).
We both had 1,000pts forces which contained 3 infantry companies plus a few support elements.We both also had off field artillery and air support.

Here’s the set up of the table.Dave wanted to try out some objective cards,so as part of this we had to place 4 objective markers on the table, 2 on each side plus we also counted the centre of the table(crossroad).Depending on what objective you drew these would come into play.These were keep secret and revealed at the end of the game.

As my objective I had to capture the centre of the table and keep a 12 inch clear zone around it, while Dave had to hold 3 of the objective markers, when the game ended.
Here’s some more pictures of the games.
German Advance.

British counter push.

Attack on the buildings around the crossroads which goes the way of the Germans,having flame throwers helped ;o).

German air support give the tommies some daka daka, planes are from Wings of Glory.

The end of the game and the hold the crossroads while the British are 1 objective sort, so a victory for the Kaiser :o).

Well that was a cracker of a game and I think Dave’s rules really give you the feel of the period.
Really get excited about where there going.
Anyway that’s it for now.

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